• Successfully Harnessing AI: Q&A with Freespee

    While AI is expanding across all industries, retailers seeking to adopt it still risk failure, by falling short on customer experience and missing the mark in making transactions immersive and entirely seamless. Only data-driven insights will be able to facilitate this process, with AI and machine learning moving in tandem with purchasing habits and instantly identifying, anticipating, and meeting consumers’ needs. In this Q&A with RetailTechNews, Anne De Kerckhove, CEO, Freespee, tells us how to avoid such pitfalls. 

    RetailTechNews: How can [...]

  • The Future Is Personalised, the Future Is Automated

    Artificial Intelligence is set to change the way we work, interact and, importantly, shop. Here, Simon Farthing, director, global strategy and insights, Monetate, tells RetailTechNews how, in retail, new technologies such as chat bots, virtual assistants and beacons all have the potential to attract customers, enhance the shopping experience and, ultimately, boost loyalty.

    As retailers continue to embrace the opportunities of AI, customers will be looking to receive even better, more personalised, experiences based on real-time data. In fact, recent [...]

  • Future-Proofing Your Retail Business

    The high street has seen one of its toughest years ever. In the UK, nearly 6,000 shops, travel agencies, and estate agents closed their doors in 2017, more single-year closures than in any year since 2010. The trend has continued into 2018, with legacy brands such as House of Fraser and Marks & Spencer also announcing they will be shutting outlets as more people shop online. In this piece, Vijayanta Gupta (pictured below), head of go-to-market, Adobe Experience Cloud, tells RetailTechNews [...]

  • Analytics Should Be Top of Retailers’ Shopping List

    In the last few months we’ve had news of an array of store closures – including 100 from Marks & Spencer and 31 House of Fraser, in the UK alone. The United States isn’t safe either, following an announcement that department store Sears will shut 42 stores across 26 states in July and August. In this piece for RetailTechNews, Manu Tyagi, associate partner, Infosys Consulting, tells us that it seems there may be more turbulent times ahead as brands reflect on the [...]

  • Fine Tuning Retail Automation: Q&A with Trigo Vision

    Since Amazon Go’s conceptualisation, retail automation has been catapulted into the mainstream, with retailers keeping a close eye on developments in the technology. In this piece, Jenya Beilin, COO, Trigo Vision, off the back of significant funding, tells RetailTechNews how retailers can make the most of this opportunity, and whether the industry is in a position to fully automate their operations in the years to come. 

    RetailTechNews: Can you explain what Trigo Vision do?

    Jenya Beilin: We have created an [...]

  • Retail's Bright, Data-Based AI Future

    The retail industry is going through an extraordinary time of digital disruption right now, with the continuing accelerating growth of mobile e-commerce having a massive impact on the traditional high street. With the recent announcements of store closures from the likes of House of Fraser and Marks and Spencer, along with the collapse of retail chains such as Maplin and Toys R Us, many commentators are arguing that the high street is now in terminal decline. In this piece, however, Anil [...]

  • Managing Machine Learning: Q&A with Rubikloud

    AI and machine learning are undoubtedly changing how retail works, but this does not mean retailers are yet making the most of the capabilities of this technology. In this Q&A with RetailTechNews, Kerry Liu, CEO & co-founder, Rubikloud, explains how his business is helping retailers already, and the steps both e-commerce pureplays and brick-and-mortar businesses can be taking to tap into the opportunities offered by this technology. 

    RetailTechNews: Can you briefly explain what Rubikloud does?

    Kerry Liu: Rubikloud is an artificial intelligence [...]

  • Getting to Grips with Content Management Systems: Q&A with

    In this piece, RetailTechNews speaks to Alessandra Di Lorenzo, CCO, media & partnerships, group, to discuss the company’s new content management system (CMS), and the role it can play in helping marketers design their own microsites and web pages. 

    RetailTechNews: Can you explain how the new ContentHUB CMS platform works?

    Alessandra Di Lorenzo: Brands of all shapes and sizes increasingly need to create micro-relevant content at scale that both helps their SEO and supports organic traffic growth.

    This is why we’re really excited to [...]

  • Microtrips Form Amazon’s In-Store Strategy; AMEX & Amazon Design Credit Card for Small Businesses

    RetailTechNews’ weekly roundup brings you up-to-date research findings from around the world. In this week’s edition: Microtrips Form Amazon’s In-Store Strategy; AMEX & Amazon Design Credit Card for Small Businesses; and Echo Look Reaches the Mainstream.

    Microtrips Form Amazon’s In-Store Strategy

    Microtrips could hold the key to Amazon’s success in brick-and-mortar retail. Microtrips, defined as trips that take less than five minutes, show that, just as Amazon did with its e-commerce site, its in-store retail strategy will focus on convenience. [...]

  • Marketers Strive to Integrate Search & Social; Matching Online & In-Store Customer Experiences

    RetailTechNews’ weekly roundup brings you up-to-date research findings from around the world. In this week’s edition: Marketers Strive to Integrate Search & Social; Matching Online & In-Store Customer Experiences; and Brits Ready for AR.

    Marketers Strive to Integrate Search & Social

    Integrating search and social is the biggest challenge of 2018 for B2C digital advertisers, according to Marin Software’s ‘State of Digital Advertising’ report. Almost half (48%) of advertisers named it as one of their three biggest challenges in relation [...]