• Retail Growth Thanks to Summer & World Cup; Shopgate Integrates with Shopify

    RetailTechNews rounds up some of the biggest stories in the European retail technology space. In this week’s edition: Summer Weather & World Cup Fever Push Retail Growth in June; Shopgate Integrates with Shopify; and Groupon Looking for a Buyer.

    Summer Weather & World Cup Fever Push Retail Growth in June

    The summer of 2018 is proving a good time for UK retailers. According to the BRC-KPMG Retail Sales Monitor for June 2018, retail sales increased by 1.1%, compared with June 2017. On [...]

  • Weekly Focus: Grab Introduces Grocery Delivery Service & Opens Platform for Third-Party Services

    This week, ride-sharing operator Grab has further expanded its offerings to include grocery delivery as well as unveiled a suite of APIs (application programming interfaces) to allow other companies to integrate their services with Grab’s platform.

    The grocery service, called GrabFresh, is delivered through a partnership with Southeast Asian grocery delivery provider, HappyFresh, offering a range of more than 100,000 products from 50 supermarket and speciality grocery chains.

    Orders will be fulfilled by GrabExpress drivers and delivery partners, which can be [...]

  • Retailers Struggle with Consistent Omnichannel Experience; Dining Experiences Improved by Tech

    RetailTechNews’ weekly roundup brings you up-to-date research findings from around the world. In this week’s edition: Retailers Struggle with Consistent Omnichannel experience; Dining Experiences Improved by Tech; and Sports Influence exteEds Beyond Kit & Clothes. 

    Retailers Struggle with Consistent Omnichannel experience

    Just 5% of UK consumers say they received a ‘very consistent’ customer experience (CX) when comparing a retailer’s website to its app or shopping in-store, according to a study by PCMS.

    A further 30% said CX was only ‘quite consistent’, indicating that retailers have [...]

  • Personalising to Perfection: Q&A with Dynamic Yield

    While personalisation technology is something most brands and retailers are familiar with, using it effectively takes a certain skill. Here, Mukund Ramachandran (pictured below), CMO, Dynamic Yield, tells RetailTechNews about the state of personalisation in the retail industry. 

    RetailTechNews: Can you briefly explain how Dynamic Yield’s AI-powered personalisation platform works?

    Mukund Ramachandran: We use artificial intelligence to ensure that each user, or audience, receives the optimal experience for them. Our machine-learning algorithms test everything in real time, constantly collecting user data and signals for automatic [...]

  • Knowing Your Retail Partners – Q&A with E Fundamentals

    Picking the right retail partners is a challenge faced by every brand. Invest too much in the wrong channel, and risk heavy losses, while the right channel can be a long-term, sustainable source of sales. Here, John Maltman, CEO, E Fundamentals, tells RetailTechNews why brands need to be doing more to analyse how their products are performing across different retailers, and how they can optimise their online selling strategy

    RetailTechNews: How does E Fundamentals’ technology work?

    John Maltman: E Fundamentals [...]

  • Merchants Tap Payment Data for Insights on APAC Retail Habits: Q&A with Yang Wenhui, SEA GM, UnionPay International

    Each time someone swipes or taps their credit card to complete a transaction, data is being collected and analysed to help retailers tweak their services to better cater to consumers’ spending habits.

    Singapore shoppers, for instance, spend more at supermarkets and duty-free goods during sales events, according to Yang Wenhui, Southeast Asia general manager at UnionPay International, which is a subsidiary of China UnionPay that focuses on the bank’s global business. The payment services company offers various payment platforms including [...]

  • Keeping Mobile Users ‘Appy – 3 Steps to Lifetime Engagement on M-Commerce

    In this piece for RetailTechNews, Ruth Manielevitch (pictured below), director of business development, Taptica, outlines the keys to keeping mobile app users engaged. There are literally billions of smartphone users. There are an estimated seven billion people occupying the planet now, and by 2019 it’s expected that 2.5 billion people will own mobiles with access to the internet. That’s nearly 36% of the whole world.

    Of the amount of time these billions of people spend on their handy personal devices, apps [...]

  • Shopping on Social: Q&A with Shopify

    The way we research products is changing, with shoppers spending more time examining products through social channels. This has created an opportunity for brands to sell their products on the same platforms, making the buying process as simple as possible. Here, Satish Kanwar, vice president, product, Shopify, explains his company’s recent collaboration with Instagram to help convert researchers into buyers on the photo-sharing platform.

    RetailTechNews: How does the new collaboration between Instagram and Shopify work?

    Satish Kanwar: Shopify merchants in the [...]

  • Weekly Focus: China Online Retail to Hit Trillion-Dollar Milestone

    This week, the spotlight is on China, where the online retail market is expected to be the first worldwide to hit USD$1tn (£721.79bn) in sales this year.

    This would be ahead of a previous forecast by Forrester, which projected the Chinese online retail market would reach the trillion-dollar milestone only in 2019. The research firm attributes the exponential market growth to increasing mobile and consumer spending, especially in categories such as fashion and grocery.

    According Forrester’s Delhi-based forecast analyst Satish Meena, [...]

  • Refining Retailers' Mobile Strategies to Leverage Cross-Channel Data & Improve Customer Experience

    The retail landscape has evolved rapidly in recent years. Some retailers have been moving towards an online-only strategy, yet many are failing to keep up with the ever-changing needs of their customers. In this piece, Graham Jackson (pictured below), CEO, Fluent Commerce, tells RetailTechNews how retailers can leverage mobile to improve customer experience.

    Shopping is now no longer just delivering the products that consumers want, but increasingly about how they want to receive them. The promise of next-day delivery is now not [...]