• India Clamping Down on Foreign E-commerce; Amazon Tax Coming to UK

    RetailTechNews’ weekly roundup brings you up-to-date research findings from around the world. In this week’s edition: India Clamping Down on Foreign E-commerce; Amazon Tax Coming to UK; and Video Ads in Mobile Search.

    India Clamping Down on Foreign E-commerce

    Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook, and other U.S. tech titans, are facing major hurdles on selling online in India, thanks to a new e-commerce bill that prioritises homegrown firms.

    According to The Wall Street Journal, which has seen a draft of the bill, [...]

  • India Traders Group Rebukes Approval of Walmart's Flipkart Acquisition

    This week, Walmart’s planned acquisition of Flipkart has been given the go-ahead by Indian authorities, but much to the frustration of a local traders’ association that has mooted the possibility of taking the matter to court.

    The Competition Commission of India (CCI) said in a tweet that it “approves [the] proposed acquisition” of Flipkart by Walmart International Holdings. In its ruling, the commission said it had reviewed issues related to the planned merger and found the move unlikely to have [...]

  • Why Retailers Need to Care About Web Development Platforms

    Brands are struggling to build and grow customer loyalty in an increasingly complex omnichannel environment. According to Wanda Cadigan, VP commerce, Sitecore, many are struggling with mobile enablement, in addition to the ultimate vision of delivering a uniform experience over every customer channel imaginable.  

    For example, in the UK, there might be a really cool and exciting mobile app that allows customers to shop with one click, personalises their recommendations, and allows them to organise returns easily, possibly built on a [...]

  • Retail Data Academy for M&S; Zalando Opens Physical Store

    RetailTechNews rounds up some of the biggest stories in the European retail technology space. In this week’s edition: Marks & Spencer Creates Retail Data Academy; Zalando Goes Brick-and-Mortar; and Retailers Still Behind the Trends on Retail Apps.

    Marks & Spencer Creates Retail Data Academy

    British retailer Marks & Spencer continues its investment in retail tech. Partnering with Decoded, the company is founding a Retail Data Academy that will be tasked with educating M&S staff in data skills.

    The programme is aimed at M&S [...]

  • Weekly Focus: South Korean Retail Giant to Create New E-commerce Unit

    This week, Lotte says it will soon launch a new department to drive its online businesses, as the South Korean retail giant looks to tap the country’s growing online population and consumption.

    The e-commerce unit would oversee a new platform that spans seven retail subsidiaries under the group, including its discount store chain and department store operations. Supported initially by a team of 1,400, the business unit planned to hire another 400 employees by next year and was targeting to [...]

  • Singapore Startup Wants to Help 'Bricks' Target Audience via Location

    Despite the rise of e-commerce marketplaces, traditional retail players still can compete successfully if they have the right tools to better target consumers in the physical realm.

    This is where Singapore startup WhereIsWhere hopes to step in and offer location-based services, which it says will plug a critical hole in the industry and arm brick-and-mortar retailers with the ability to engage potential customers.

    CEO and founder Terence Mak said: “We want to be the game-changer for bricks.”

    Noting that these businesses never really [...]

  • TWG Tea Balances Need to Be Omnichannel, Whilst Remaining a Luxury Brand

    TWG Tea is looking to build out an omnichannel e-commerce site with the aim to offer free shipping across all locations; but, in doing so, is cautious about ensuring it continues to be seen as a luxury brand.

    The Singapore-based tea brand marked its 10th anniversary this year with the launch of a new global online retail platform and local invitation-only MyTWG membership programme. Together, they served as the company’s digital business intelligence tools and helped establish better connection with [...]

  • Untangling the Complexities of Mobile for Brick & Mortar Retailers

    Grim phrases about the end of the physical shopping experience have been spinning through headlines since the launch (and rapid success) of e-commerce. The average layperson must wonder if we’re facing the end of brick-and-mortar stores – a life of anonymous online buying, relying on the opinions of random internet strangers. Sure, that’s available. But, as explained here by Marco Nielsen, vice president, managed mobility services, Stratix, for RetailTechNews, brick-and-mortar stores – at least those willing to innovate to survive – [...]

  • What to Consider When Building Your Mobile App

    Consumers’ lives are getting faster and more connected. In this piece, Melanie Jensen, e-commerce manager, Aptos, tells RetailTechNews that to make sure retailers are reaching shoppers at every touchpoint, they need to ensure that they are optimised for life on the go. Nearly a third of online shopping across all retail sectors now occurs on a mobile device, which makes it clear that this is a platform that cannot be ignored.

    Mobile apps evolved to make our lives faster, easier, and more [...]

  • UK Retailers Making the Most of Prime Day; Streaming Services Overtake Pay-TV

    RetailTechNews’ weekly roundup brings you up-to-date research findings from around the world. In this week’s edition: UK Retailers Making the Most of Prime Day; Streaming Services Overtake Pay-TV; and Microsoft & Walmart Team Up. 

    UK Retailers Making the Most of Prime Day

    Amazon may have stumbled on its sales day due to labour strikes and tech issues, but it provided a Prime opportunity for other retailers to boost their own sales, according to data from Criteo.

    Online UK retailers saw a 13% lift in sales [...]