• Singapore Traditional Retail Not Dead, Just Lacking Imagination

    Traditional retail has been on a dismal track in Singapore, with stores closing and global brands leaving the market, but the challenge may lie in how retailers really are engaging their customers and if they are tapping the right tools to do so.

    At RetailTechNews’ inaugural RetailTechSummit held in Singapore, panellists debated the state of retail in markets such as Singapore, where the likes of Banana Republic, Gap, and American Eagle Outfitters shuttered their physical outlets early this year [...]

  • The Rise of Direct-to-Consumer Brands

    Direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands have become big news. In this piece, Dr Geraint Evans tells RetailTechNews how these brands are growing exponentially in terms of valuations, revenues, customers, and positive sentiment. 

    DTC Brands are now household names

    A year ago, this piece would most likely have been titled something to the effect of ‘5 DTC brands you’ve not heard of, but you will soon’. However, since then, the likes of Dollar Shave Club, Warby Parker, Casper, Bonobos, and Glossier have exploded into the [...]

  • Retailers Struggle with Consistent Omnichannel Experience; Dining Experiences Improved by Tech

    RetailTechNews’ weekly roundup brings you up-to-date research findings from around the world. In this week’s edition: Retailers Struggle with Consistent Omnichannel experience; Dining Experiences Improved by Tech; and Sports Influence exteEds Beyond Kit & Clothes. 

    Retailers Struggle with Consistent Omnichannel experience

    Just 5% of UK consumers say they received a ‘very consistent’ customer experience (CX) when comparing a retailer’s website to its app or shopping in-store, according to a study by PCMS.

    A further 30% said CX was only ‘quite consistent’, indicating that retailers have [...]

  • Why Today’s ‘Connected Customers’ Expect More Than Ever

    In this piece, Anil Gandharve, senior vice president and global head of retail, CPG & manufacturing, Mindtree, tells RetailTechNews how today’s connected customers are more demanding than ever before, which is driving innovation amongst retail technology developers and providers.

    Take a quick look, for example, at Salesforce Research’s latest influential State of the Connected Customer report released earlier this summer – a detailed and wide-ranging study that offers considerable insight into, and understanding of, the many ways in which rising customer expectations [...]

  • How Data Analytics Is Driving Retail Culture

    The retail industry is experiencing a period of unprecedented digital disruption. The rise of online, instant shopping, and home deliveries has already had a major impact on the traditional high street. It’s no surprise that physical sales are dropping as more and more people switch to apps and websites to purchase goods and services they previously bought in-store. In this piece for RetailTechNews, Laura Timms, retail analytics expert, MHR Analytics, explains why data analytics holds the key to the future of [...]

  • Why You Need to Care About UX Design

    Technology – you either find it innovative and inspiring, or entirely incomprehensible. But, no matter what side of the fence you’re on, you’re likely to want a great user experience when you are actually using it – whether you’re browsing a website, or scrolling through an app. And, if you’re a business using the latest and most powerful digital products, you won’t get ahead if you solely rely on technology. In this piece, Andy Clowes (pictured below), head of design, Engage Hub, [...]

  • Personalising to Perfection: Q&A with Dynamic Yield

    While personalisation technology is something most brands and retailers are familiar with, using it effectively takes a certain skill. Here, Mukund Ramachandran (pictured below), CMO, Dynamic Yield, tells RetailTechNews about the state of personalisation in the retail industry. 

    RetailTechNews: Can you briefly explain how Dynamic Yield’s AI-powered personalisation platform works?

    Mukund Ramachandran: We use artificial intelligence to ensure that each user, or audience, receives the optimal experience for them. Our machine-learning algorithms test everything in real time, constantly collecting user data and signals for automatic [...]

  • Unifying Your Channels: Q&A with jisp

    Achieving a consistent experience across online and offline commerce can provide an issue for retailers. In this piece, Julian Fisher (pictured below), CEO, jisp, tells RetailTechNews how the jisp platform is doing just this. 

    RetailTechNews: Can you explain how jisp works and what it offers retailers and customers?

    Julian Fisher: Jisp provides proprietary solutions and patent-pending technology to bring the convenience, value, and focus of online shopping to brick-and-mortar stores with a free-to-download app. Jisp learns what interests consumers the more they shop [...]

  • Optimising the Retail Customer Journey: Q&A with Yieldify

    Every retailer has one eye on their bottom line. But are they optimising their revenue at the expense of the customer journey? In this piece, Jay Radia (pictured below), founder & CEO, Yieldify, tells RetailTechNews why retailers need to start thinking about CJO – ‘Customer Journey Optimisation’ – if they want to build a loyal audience. 

    RetailTechNews: Can you briefly explain what Yieldify do?

    Jay Radia: Yieldify makes it easy for e-commerce businesses to deliver customer journeys that convert, through a combination of smart [...]

  • Power Couple: How Out-of-Home & Mobile Combine to Drive Retail Sales

    Out-of-home (OOH) media has a long history of creating impact on the high street. For retailers, it’s a proven channel for creating brand fame and directing shoppers through the door. In this piece for RetailTechNews, Nicole Lonsdale (pictured below), chief planning officer, Kinetic, explains that, while that power remains undiminished today, there are several factors combining to shift the advertising landscape in retail – and the driving force among them is mobile.

    From an almost standing start ten years ago, mobile has been [...]