• The Rise of Direct-to-Consumer Brands

    Direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands have become big news. In this piece, Dr Geraint Evans tells RetailTechNews how these brands are growing exponentially in terms of valuations, revenues, customers, and positive sentiment. 

    DTC Brands are now household names

    A year ago, this piece would most likely have been titled something to the effect of ‘5 DTC brands you’ve not heard of, but you will soon’. However, since then, the likes of Dollar Shave Club, Warby Parker, Casper, Bonobos, and Glossier have exploded into the [...]

  • Getting to Grips with Content Management Systems: Q&A with

    In this piece, RetailTechNews speaks to Alessandra Di Lorenzo, CCO, media & partnerships, group, to discuss the company’s new content management system (CMS), and the role it can play in helping marketers design their own microsites and web pages. 

    RetailTechNews: Can you explain how the new ContentHUB CMS platform works?

    Alessandra Di Lorenzo: Brands of all shapes and sizes increasingly need to create micro-relevant content at scale that both helps their SEO and supports organic traffic growth.

    This is why we’re really excited to [...]

  • Helping Small Compete with Big: Q&A with eBay Advertising

    Fresh off the back of announcing the soft launch of their self-serve advertising product, RetailTechNews spoke to Bert Basset (pictured below), EU director of revenue labs, eBay Advertising, to understand more about the product and how it can help small businesses. 

    RetailTechNews: How does the new ‘eBay Local Services Ads’ product work?

    Bert Basset: At eBay Advertising, we’re really excited to have soft-launched ‘eBay Local Services Ads’, a brand new product designed to help local service businesses reach new customers and grow their revenue. It’s our first [...]

  • Why Your Website Needs to Be the Flagship Store

    House of Fraser may have closed its London and Cardiff stores, but these were only its brick-and-mortar flagships. Its digital presence remains open for business, but, as Seamus Whittingham (pictured below), MD, Europe, IgnitionOne, tells RetailTechNews, it’s potentially an under-used resource that could have helped the troubled retailer change course far earlier and with far less damaging consequences for Britain’s high streets.

    House of Fraser is not the first to bow to the snowballing pressures facing the retail industry – and it certainly won’t be [...]

  • Why You Need to Care About UX Design

    Technology – you either find it innovative and inspiring, or entirely incomprehensible. But, no matter what side of the fence you’re on, you’re likely to want a great user experience when you are actually using it – whether you’re browsing a website, or scrolling through an app. And, if you’re a business using the latest and most powerful digital products, you won’t get ahead if you solely rely on technology. In this piece, Andy Clowes (pictured below), head of design, Engage Hub, [...]

  • Unifying Your Channels: Q&A with jisp

    Achieving a consistent experience across online and offline commerce can provide an issue for retailers. In this piece, Julian Fisher (pictured below), CEO, jisp, tells RetailTechNews how the jisp platform is doing just this. 

    RetailTechNews: Can you explain how jisp works and what it offers retailers and customers?

    Julian Fisher: Jisp provides proprietary solutions and patent-pending technology to bring the convenience, value, and focus of online shopping to brick-and-mortar stores with a free-to-download app. Jisp learns what interests consumers the more they shop [...]

  • The Sales You Could Have Had: How Retailers Can Reduce Abandoned Carts

    E-commerce opportunity is booming, with total sales set to hit €230.6bn (£202bn) this year in Western Europe. However, as Adrian Newby (pictured below), CTO, Crownpeak, tells RetailTechNews, acquiring a slice of this vast spend isn’t necessarily easy.

    To outpace the competition, retailers must offer a consistent and compelling experience that keeps potential shoppers inspired. But, all too frequently, weak links in the digital consumer journey mean shopping carts are abandoned. In fact, a recent Barclays study has shown failure to [...]

  • Knowing Your Retail Partners – Q&A with E Fundamentals

    Picking the right retail partners is a challenge faced by every brand. Invest too much in the wrong channel, and risk heavy losses, while the right channel can be a long-term, sustainable source of sales. Here, John Maltman, CEO, E Fundamentals, tells RetailTechNews why brands need to be doing more to analyse how their products are performing across different retailers, and how they can optimise their online selling strategy

    RetailTechNews: How does E Fundamentals’ technology work?

    John Maltman: E Fundamentals [...]

  • The Keys to Technological Integration – Q&A with Perry Ellis International

    The race for technological integration in retail is well and truly on. Whether its IoT, AR, or virtual assistants, retailers are always on the lookout for exciting ways to drive consumer engagement and improve the bottom line. In this Q&A with RetailTechNews, Isaac Korn, director of innovation, Perry Ellis International (PEI), describes how his team, and others within PEI, are working with retail technologies. 

    RetailTechNews: Is the role of technology in retail more important now than ever before?

    Isaac Korn: Yes, technology is [...]

  • We All Love Consumer Reviews, But Can We Trust Them?

    In this piece, Joe Rohrlich, EVP & general manager, Bazaarvoice tells RetailTechNews how having consumer ratings and reviews on your website has become essential to meeting shopper expectations. According to their latest Shopper Experience Index, businesses with customer-generated content on their website now see a 106% lift in conversion and a 119% boost in revenue per visitor.

    As reviews become more prolific, the need to ensure the authenticity of reviews is reaching a crescendo. Recent research by CIM for [...]