• The New Reality for Retailers

    There can surely be no question now that Amazon is the most important agent of disruption and change that the retail industry has ever seen. That reflects not just its scale and reach, but the way that it has changed fundamentally and forever how people want to shop, and the range of goods available to them – largely irrespective of where they happen to live. Here, Alan Treadgold, a retail expert at PA Consulting, tells RetailTechNews that this is only [...]

  • Getting to Grips with Microservices: Q&A with Skava

    In this piece for RetailTechNews, Arish Ali (pictured below), CEO and co-founder, Skava, explains how his company is changing the way e-commerce systems work through their use of microservices. Already a core function for retailers, microservices are something something which are also seeing emerging usage amongst merchants.

    RetailTechNews: Can you explain what microservices are and how your technology works?

    Arish Ali: Enterprise software has traditionally been architected as a monolithic application – where multiple components of the system are tightly coupled [...]

  • The Incremental Visit: The Opportunity to Measure What Matters

    Thanks to the advances in location technologies, it is possible to know which visitors to a retailer’s store have seen the brand’s ad. However, simply measuring total in-store visits of consumers exposed to a digital campaign is not enough to know the effectiveness of a retailer’s advertising. In fact, this can lead to wasted ad spend or the application of inaccurate insights to future drive-to-store campaigns. In this piece for RetailTechNews, Andy McNab, UK managing director, S4M, explains the significance of [...]

  • Developing a Physical Presence: Q&A with Hope & Henry

    As with many retailers, Hope & Henry started out selling purely online. However, as it has grown and looks for new ways to engage its growing customer base, a physical location has become necessary. As the brand launches its first store, The Edit – located inside Simon Property Group’s Roosevelt Field on Long Island, New York – RetailTechNews speaks with Matthew McCauley, founder, Hope & Henry, about why the move is deemed necessary and how Amazon has helped them develop as a [...]

  • Direct-to-Consumer on the Rise; Slow Mobile Web Could Cost Business Millions

    RetailTechNews’ weekly roundup brings you up-to-date research findings from around the world. In this week’s edition: Direct-to-Consumer on the Rise; Slow Mobile Web Could Cost Business Millions; and 6 Years to Save the British High Street.

    Direct-to-Consumer on the Rise

    Over two-fifths (40%) of Americans are planning to make at least 40% of their purchases from direct-to-consumer (DTC) companies in the next five years, according to Diffusion.

    Key motivating factors to these trends include convenience, with 27% [...]

  • Getting Closer to Your Customers with AI: Q&A with Rubikloud

    Machine learning and artificial intelligence, while complex, offer retailers the chance to get closer to their customers, sell more, and outflank powerful competitors like Amazon and Walmart, if used correctly. Here, Waleed Ayoub (pictured below), CTO, Rubikloud, tells RetailTechNews how his business is helping their retail partners get to grips with this technology, leverage their data science capabilities, and gain a competitive edge on the rest of the market. 

    RetailTechNews: Can you explain who Rubikloud is and how your technology works?

    Waleed Ayoub: [...]

  • Weekly Focus: Grab & Fave Look to Grow Platforms Through New Partnership

    This week, Grab and Fave have formed a new partnership that aims to grow the companies’ online platforms and services in Singapore and Malaysia.

    Under the alliance, daily deals site Fave would integrate GrabPay and GrabFood on its platform, enabling its merchants to access Grab’s e-payment and food delivery services.

    Grab also would integrate the Fave mobile deals on its app and enable its GrabPay users to purchase Fave deals. This would be facilitated through GrabPlatform, which is a suite of APIs [...]

  • Q&A with Connekt & Sony as They Partner to Drive T-commerce

    Sony Smart TV viewers will soon be able to use their remote control and mobile device to securely purchase directly from their televisions, thanks to their new partnership with tech company Connekt. Here, we speak to Tripp Boyle, SVP sales strategy, Connekt, and Nick Colsey, Vice President, Sony Electronics, to discuss what the future has in store for t-commerce. 

    RetailTechNews: Can you explain how the new ‘buy now’ button works?   Tripp Boyle: Connekt‘s platform is able to ingest multiple data [...]

  • Should Voice SEO Be a Retailer's Focus?: Q&A with CallRail

    Ninety-one million U.S. consumers are using voice assistants on some type of device; and by 2020, one-third of Americans will use a voice assistant for daily tasks. In this Q&A with RetailTechNews, Carolyn Lyden, SEO Manager, CallRail, argues that if companies aren’t already optimising SEO with this in mind, they are already behind.

    RetailTechNews: How is CallRail working with voice SEO?

    Carolyn Lyden: The basis of a good SEO strategy is about serving [...]

  • China Is Leading the World into the Future of Shopping

    China has the largest and most dynamic e-commerce market in the world. Its consumer online expenditure is estimated to exceed £850bn in 2018, according to a recent report by Frost & Sullivan and Azoya Consulting. That accounts for over 100x that of online sales in the UK (£7.83bn). In this piece, Elena Gatti (pictured below), MD, Azoya, tells RetailTechNews that China’s e-commerce market has evolved into different new commerce models that are reshaping and leading the retail industry into a new [...]