• Loyalty Schemes Need to Move Forward: Q&A with Gabriele Giancola, qiibee

    When have you last used your plastic loyalty card? With loyalty schemes moving to apps, and buying patterns becoming a sought-after currency in consumer data management, loyalty programmes have to leave outdated hard-copy solutions behind. The time is ripe for more innovative, flexible, and rewarding loyalty schemes, argues Gabriele Giancola (pictured below), CEO and founder, qiibee,  in this exclusive Q&A with RetailTechNews.

    RetailTechNews: As a bit of background, can you tell us how qiibee got started?

    Gabriele Giancola, CEO & Founder, qiibee

    Gabriele [...]

  • Weekly Focus: Alibaba Bolsters SEA Focus with Lazada Investment Boost

    This week, Alibaba Group takes the spotlight with its USD$2bn (£1.44bn) investment in Singapore-headquartered e-commerce operator Lazada, as it ramps up it expansion plans for Southeast Asia.

    This would push its total investment to USD$4bn (£2.88bn), following its initial USD$1bn (£721.79m) purchase in 2016, for a controlling 51% stake in Lazada Group and another USD$1bn last year that drove up its share to 83%.

    Alibaba said the latest fund injection would “accelerate” its expansion plans for Lazada in Southeast Asia, which [...]

  • Keeping Up with Digital Trends in the Fashion Field

    Online fashion sales seem to be escalating, with the industry generating USD$16.2bn (£11.67bn) in 2017. By 2022, this figure is expected to grow by a huge 79%. Compare this to the poll that found that 50% of retailers had experienced a drop in in-store sales, and it’s clear that digital offers the greatest area of opportunity for fashion retailers. With this news, brands are looking to advance their presence digitally and ensure a continuous growth rate. In this piece for [...]

  • GDPR Consultant Guy Beresiner Talks Legislation & Data Alliances

    In this edition of RetailTechReview, RetailTechNews’ editor, Hugh Williams is joined by Guy Beresiner, GDPR practitioner and consultant, to discuss the week’s biggest retail technology stories, as well as how prepared the retail industry is for the impending data legislation, which is coming into force in May.

  • Shopping On the Go & the Future of the Store

    Shops are still central to customers’ shopping habits; but there needs to be a shift in the role and function of the store, based on changing consumer lifestyles and new paths to purchase in order to take full advantage. In the build up to InternetRetailing Expo, Lucia Ruiz, head of marketing, InternetRetailing Events, explains that the trends we will see as retailers seek to make this transition.

    The way customers buy is changing fast; and this is in no small [...]

  • Attribution in Automotive: Q&A with PureCars

    The automotive industry is going through a period of change. Where people used to research and purchase in the dealership, now the research is taking place on smartphones. In this Q&A, Sam Mylrea (pictured below), CEO, PureCars, explains how this transition is affecting the state of attribution in the industry.

    RetailTechNews: Can you explain what PureCars does?

    Sam Mylrea: PureCars is the most advanced automotive ad tech platform on the market that utilises the dealer’s merchandising data, market supply/demand, and [...]

  • Amazon to Enter Vietnam in Challenge to Alibaba; Sending Money to Friends Through Alexa

    RetailTechNews’ weekly Amazon Watch brings you some of the company’s biggest moves from the past seven days, analysing how the giant is revolutionising the retail space. In this week’s edition: Amazon to enter Vietnam in challenge to Alibaba; Sending money to friends through Alexa; and Amazon wooing small businesses.

    Amazon to Enter Vietnam in Challenge to Alibaba

    Amazon is to officially launch its e-commerce services in Vietnam, with the aim of taking on Chinese rival Alibaba in one of the [...]

  • Co-op Introduces Cashierless Check-out; Mobile Price Comparison Prior to Purchase

    RetailTechNews rounds up some of the biggest stories in the European retail technology space. In this week’s edition: Co-op & Mastercard Cooperate for Cashierless Checkout; 70% of Customers Shop via Mobile at Home & On the Go; and Synchronised Online & In-Store Solutions Still a Rarity.

    Co-op & Mastercard Co-operate for Cashierless Checkout

    Amazon has pioneered the idea, now British retail chain the Co-op is taking up the mantle and introduces checkout-less shopping. Partnering with credit card provider Mastercard, the retailer is adding the [...]

  • New Research Shows Little Consumer Interest in Smart Assistants; The Best Time to Gain GDPR Consent

    RetailTechNews’ weekly roundup brings you up-to-date research findings from around the world. In this week’s edition: New Research Shows Little Consumer Interest in Smart Assistants; The Best Time to Gain GDPR Consent; and Delivery Speed Demands Getting Tougher.

    New Research Shows Little Consumer Interest in Smart Assistants

    There is significant interest in IoT, with 91% of those surveyed declaring interest in the connected home, according to research by Judopay.

    However, just 17% of those surveyed – the same percentage as said [...]

  • Attribution Helping to Evolve Revenue Models – Q&A with Visual IQ

    Whether it’s traditional retailers or e-commerce pure plays, any retailer worth their salt has an online selling presence. However, with so many channels influencing the customer path to purchase, attributing 100% of the sale to the last click is no longer good enough. Here, Wayne St Amand (pictured below), CMO, Visual IQ, explains to RetailTechNews that multi-touch attribution is a necessity if retailers want to optimise spend.

    RetailTechNews: Is it enough to focus on sales targets?

    Wayne St Amand: [...]