• Future of Shopping to be ‘Experience’ Led and Data Fuelled

    In this piece for RetailTechNews, Jed Mole (pictured below), VP of marketing, Acxiom, explains why retail is no longer just about the buy, but rather it’s about creating shopping environments that are attractive and rounded destinations in their own right.

    Given retail’s steady migration to mobile and e-commerce – despite Deloitte reporting that 90% of retail sales by value worldwide is in-store – you may be wondering what retail will look like in the future. If the future of modern [...]

  • Only Google & Facebook Have Bigger Ad Market than Amazon; 'Storefronts' Helps Amazon’s SME Image

    RetailTechNews’ weekly roundup brings you up-to-date research findings from around the world. In this week’s edition: Only Google & Facebook Have Bigger Ad Market than Amazon; ‘Storefronts’ Helps Amazon’s SME Image; Amazon Employees Accepting Bribes for Data.

    Only Google & Facebook Have Bigger Ad Market than Amazon

    Amazon is expected to move ahead of Microsoft and Oath into third place in the U.S. digital ad market, according to a report released Wednesday by the research firm eMarketer.

    More people are starting their searches [...]

  • How Retailers Can Bridge the Gap from In-Store to Online

    The last decade has seen the majority of people making the swap from in-store to online shopping. Whether it’s this week’s food shop or the must-have outfit for weekend, you can shop for just about everything online today. But why is the online experience so much more popular? In this piece, Rees Flynn, head of retail, WiFi SPARK, gives RetailTechNews his opinion. 

    Everybody has their preferences when it comes to their shopping habits, but if you can match the [...]

  • Give Consumers a Personal Touch; The Benefits to Chatbots

    RetailTechNews’ weekly roundup brings you up-to-date research findings from around the world. In this week’s edition: Give Consumers a Personal Touch; The Benefits of Chatbots; and Bad CX Affects Loyalty

    Give Consumers a Personal Touch

    Retailers need to change their marketing outreach or risk alienating their customers, according to data from Ometria. Three-quarters of respondents (75%) feel most retailers don’t understand their interests: the few retailers that are getting this right are setting a high bar for other retailers to follow.

    Despite [...]

  • From Cruise Control to Human Control: AI Redefines E-Commerce Experiences

    In this piece for RetailTechNews, Peter Thomas (pictured below), CTO, ATTRAQT, explains the role AI is having in driving retailers’ meaningful conversations with customers. It was the best of times, and the worst of times – if historians 100 years from now bothered to look back at what the retail industry is currently going through, that would be a fair summary. The fortunate retailers are the ones who keep innovating their way through complex omni-channel challenges and changeable shopper behaviour; and these are [...]

  • Overcoming Data Friction in Retail: Q&A with Delphix

    With more retail data being generated than ever before, you’d be forgiven for thinking retailers know the numbers behind every part of their business. However, departmental silos and understanding the data is causing data friction. In this Q&A with RetailTechNews, Jason Grauel, vice president, product management, Delphix, explains what causes data friction, and how the retail industry must tackle the issues it creates.

    RetailTechNews: Can you explain what data friction is and how companies suffer from it?

    Jason Grauel: Enterprise data has never [...]

  • John Lewis Partnership Profits Fall 99%: The Industry Reacts

    Profits at the John Lewis Partnership have fallen to almost zero in the first half of the year, as the department store chain looks to match discounting ‘extravaganza days’ by rivals such as House of Fraser and Debenhams.  

    The department store chain made a £33m loss for the first half to June 28, going into the red for the first time in at least a decade. The fall in sterling, as well as fewer people buying big-ticket items, also hurt [...]

  • Weekly Focus: Singapore Electronics Retailer Looks to QR to Ease Payment

    This week, Singapore electronics retailer Audio House has rolled out a new payment system that lets customers scan QR codes to complete their purchases; and they can do so using their own banking apps.

    Audio House said it had adopted NETS QR payment platform, enabling shoppers to select the payment mode at the cashier and scan the QR code displayed on the terminal to initiate the payment process.

    Developed by payments vendor Network for Electronic Transfers of Singapore (NETS), the QR platform [...]

  • APAC Retailers Should Pick Right Tools & Partners for E-Commerce Logistics

    Digital platforms are empowering brands to widen their customer reach and sales channels, but they must tap the right tools and partners to ensure they have robust logistics support, says Joseph Ng (pictured below), CEO of Skyfy Technology, a Singapore-based provider of fleet management and vehicle tracking systems. In this byliner for RetailTechNews, Ng discusses key trends he sees unfolding in the Southeast Asian e-commerce landscape.

    Digital transformation has had a positive impact on e-commerce, especially in the areas of workflow [...]

  • Growing a Strong Digital Presence: Q&A with Bloom & Wild CEO

    Since 2013, Bloom & Wild have been enabling consumers to pick the right flowers for the occasion through digital means. In this Q&A with RetailTechNews, Aron Gelbard, founder and CEO, Bloom & Wild, discusses how being digitally native has helped the business achieve success to date, and how they are keeping up with changing consumer expectations around online shopping experiences. 

    RetailTechNews: How has being a digitally native brand helped Bloom & Wild when it comes to understanding your consumers?

    Aron Gelbard: Every [...]