• How AI Is Revolutionising the Way We Do business

    With customers increasingly moving away from brick-and-mortar stores for their shopping, finding new ways to personalise the customer experience has never been more important. In this Q&A with RetailTechNews, Aaron Glazer, CEO, Taplytics (pictured below), explains the role AI can play in ensuring retailers continue to tailor experiences in the mobile age.

    RetailTechNews: Can you briefly explain how the Taplytics technology works, and how it is helping retailers?

    Aaron Glazer: The Taplytics Experience Cloud is a portfolio of experimentation, engagement, and [...]

  • Alexa AR Glasses Show Future of Retail; Prime’s Global Presence

    RetailTechNews’ weekly Amazon Watch brings you some of the company’s biggest moves from the past seven days, analysing how the giant is revolutionising the retail space. In this week’s edition: Alexa AR glasses show future of retail; Prime’s global presence; and Voice-assistants in cars.

    Alexa AR Glasses Show Future of Retail

    Startup Vuzix and Amazon’s Alexa have teamed up on a pair of augmented reality glasses. The glasses, which can accept commands from Alexa, have the ability to display information [...]

  • Why Brands Need to Become Friends with Their Customers

    It’s easy to know exactly how to treat a close friend, because you know them inside out. Not only do you know the basics like name, age, location – you also recognise what they already have, what they don’t have but want, why they prefer one item to another, what annoys them and a whole plethora of other minute details that influence their purchasing decisions. Writing exclusively for RetailTechNews, Mike Shaw, VP, EMEA, dataxu (pictured below), here discusses the importance of [...]

  • German Media Giant ProSiebenSat1 Buys E-commerce Marketer Kairion; Number of Retail Insolvencies in the UK on the Rise

    RetailTechNews rounds up some of the biggest stories in the European retail technology space. In this week’s edition: German media giant ProSiebenSat1 buys e-commerce marketer Kairion; Number of retail insolvencies in the UK on the rise; and New functionalities to give QR codes a second wind.

    E-commerce Marketer for ProSiebenSat1

    German media group ProSiebenSat1 is strengthening its ad tech portfolio in the e-commerce segment. With the takeover of e-commerce marketer Kairion, the media group wants to raise its profile in [...]

  • Advertisers Must View Black Friday As a Process Rather Than an Event

    Love it or loathe it, Black Friday has been widely adopted by UK retailers both on and offline. In this piece by Alex Wright (pictured below), head of insight, Blis, he discusses how their exclusive research paints a picture of a busy week for retailers in the run up to Black Friday.

    Depending on which forecast you’ve heard, UK consumers were anticipated to spend anything between £3bn and £10bn on Black Friday sales. In fact, PWC reported that over [...]

  • Weekly Focus: Alibaba Eyes Further Expansion of Physical Stores

    This week, Alibaba has announced plans to expand its network of Hema supermarkets with another 30 locations in Beijing, up from the current five.

    Scheduled to open by end-2018, the new physical stores would beef up deliveries for some 1.5 million residents in the Chinese city who, today, lived within three kilometres from a Hema store. This coverage meant they could receive their groceries 30 minutes after placing their orders, according to Alibaba.

    The Chinese e-commerce giant opened its first [...]

  • Personalisation in Retail: How to Make Your Customers Feel Special

    Personalisation is the buzzword on everybody’s lips in retail at the moment. The question has now moved from whether or not to customise and enrich the customer experience, to how retailers can do this best. As with any trend, it can easily be misunderstood or misinterpreted. Robin Gellerman, industry strategist for Retail at OpenText, considers how content and context must drive personalisation in the retail sector.

    When done correctly, delivering good quality personalised content at the right time, in the [...]

  • Weekly Focus: Alibaba Goes for Convenience, Convicts & Cars

    This week, we kick off the new year with a look at how Alibaba is adding merchants to its ecosystem by modernising China’s convenience stores as well as arming local prisoners with e-commerce skillsets.

    The Chinese online retailer runs a programme that aims to suit up mom-and-pop shops with the latest technology and data analytics, so these small retailers can streamline and automate their operations.

    Called Ling Shou Tong, or ‘integrated retail’, the initiative is Alibaba’s bid to bring China’s six [...]

  • Personalisation & Loyalty: The High Street Fights Back

    The death of physical shops, and indeed the high street, has long been predicted ever since online shopping began to grow in earnest. And the figures around online spending certainly back that up: last year in the UK, we spent £133bn online, according to Capgemini. This represented a 16% increase from 2015, certainly pointing towards an ongoing trend. But does it actually give an accurate view of the retail space? Writing exclusively for RetailTechNews, David Buckingham, CEO, Ecrebo, explains [...]

  • More Shopping on Smartphone than Tablet; Overstock Collaborates with Databricks

    RetailTechNews rounds up some of the biggest stories in the European retail technology space. In this week’s edition: Shopping via smartphone vs tablet; Overstock and Databricks collaborate; and Last-minute Christmas shopping in full swing.

    More shopping on smartphone than on tablet

    In the UK, spending on purchases made by using a smartphone will amount to almost £18bn. That is the latest prediction from eMarketer. The staggering number also means that smartphone sales are now overtaking e-commerce sales made by tablet. Smartphone [...]