• The Digital Journey: Are We at the Early Stages of Transformation?

    Digital transformation has become another over-used buzzword within businesses. In this piece for RetailTechNews, Raymond Gerber, chief product officer, Thunderhead, explains that the phrase has lost its meaning and few people really understand the true implications. In fact, when hearing the term, it leads one to question: “Where are we truly on the scale of digital transformation in 2018?” The answer is a resounding – not very far. Why? The digital economy of the last 25 years has been driven [...]

  • How Big Data Can Improve E-commerce Fulfilment

    Big data is often used to help e-commerce marketers who want to discover which of their products sell best over time and which factors drive those sales. However, as digital branding and ad-tech writer Kayla Matthews explains here, it’s also useful when fulfilling e-commerce orders, which is another essential step in the process of keeping products in stock and making customers happy.

    Big data is an excellent e-commerce resource and is having some incredibly positive impacts on e-commerce fulfilment. As technology improves, and platforms get [...]

  • India Clamping Down on Foreign E-commerce; Amazon Tax Coming to UK

    RetailTechNews’ weekly roundup brings you up-to-date research findings from around the world. In this week’s edition: India Clamping Down on Foreign E-commerce; Amazon Tax Coming to UK; and Video Ads in Mobile Search.

    India Clamping Down on Foreign E-commerce

    Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook, and other U.S. tech titans, are facing major hurdles on selling online in India, thanks to a new e-commerce bill that prioritises homegrown firms.

    According to The Wall Street Journal, which has seen a draft of the bill, [...]

  • IRI & One Click Retail Partner; New Audience Module By Cyance

    RetailTechNews rounds up some of the biggest stories in the European retail technology space. In this week’s edition: IRI & One Click Retail Expand Partnership; Cyance Introduces New Audience Module; and Sainsbury’s to Trial New SmartShop Technology.

    IRI & One Click Retail Expand Partnership

    IRI is a provider of solutions and services for consumer, retail, and media companies. The data specialist is now expanding its partnership with measurement experts One Click Retail. Through the integration of One Click Retail’s item-level sales data [...]

  • Long Online Checkout Costs Revenue; Confirmation Page Can Drive Further Sales

    RetailTechNews’ weekly roundup brings you up-to-date research findings from around the world. In this week’s edition: Long Online Checkout Costs Revenue; Confirmation Page Can Drive Further Sales; and Retailers Struggle to Innovate.

    Long Online Checkout Costs Revenue

    Almost nine-in-ten (87%) online shoppers will abandon their carts during the checkout process if it is too long or too complicated, according to a recent survey by monthly instalment payment solution Splitit.

    Retailers should be even more alarmed to hear that 55% of consumers would [...]

  • India Traders Group Rebukes Approval of Walmart's Flipkart Acquisition

    This week, Walmart’s planned acquisition of Flipkart has been given the go-ahead by Indian authorities, but much to the frustration of a local traders’ association that has mooted the possibility of taking the matter to court.

    The Competition Commission of India (CCI) said in a tweet that it “approves [the] proposed acquisition” of Flipkart by Walmart International Holdings. In its ruling, the commission said it had reviewed issues related to the planned merger and found the move unlikely to have [...]

  • Survival Through Retail Ecosystems – Q&A with Accenture Strategy

    The phrase ‘united we stand, divided we fall’ has been bandied around for centuries. However, as the retail landscape becomes increasingly unpredictable, and nimble new e-commerce pureplays challenge the status quo, it seems like this is a phrase traditional retailers are setting a lot of stock by. In this piece, Richard Wolff, managing director, UK & Europe retail lead, Accenture Strategy, tells RetailTechNews why more of our established retailers are seeking to live by this motto and forge closer relationships with their [...]

  • Successfully Harnessing AI: Q&A with Freespee

    While AI is expanding across all industries, retailers seeking to adopt it still risk failure, by falling short on customer experience and missing the mark in making transactions immersive and entirely seamless. Only data-driven insights will be able to facilitate this process, with AI and machine learning moving in tandem with purchasing habits and instantly identifying, anticipating, and meeting consumers’ needs. In this Q&A with RetailTechNews, Anne De Kerckhove, CEO, Freespee, tells us how to avoid such pitfalls. 

    RetailTechNews: How can [...]

  • What Can Retailers Learn From the High Street’s Ongoing Store Closures?

    In this piece for RetailTechNews, Bruce Rayner, CEO, Duologi, explains that as the UK’s high street store closures continue to mount, even established household names are struggling to stay ahead in the challenging retail climate. Significantly decreasing the footfall of shopping centres across the country, e-commerce has made it more convenient than ever before to shop around and compare prices from the comfort of our own homes.

    Therefore, rather unsurprisingly, retailers from House of Fraser to Marks & Spencer have highlighted the rise [...]

  • Why Retailers Need to Care About Web Development Platforms

    Brands are struggling to build and grow customer loyalty in an increasingly complex omnichannel environment. According to Wanda Cadigan, VP commerce, Sitecore, many are struggling with mobile enablement, in addition to the ultimate vision of delivering a uniform experience over every customer channel imaginable.  

    For example, in the UK, there might be a really cool and exciting mobile app that allows customers to shop with one click, personalises their recommendations, and allows them to organise returns easily, possibly built on a [...]