• Fighting on All Fronts: Preventing Fraud in an Omnichannel Retailing World

    Two decades ago, the retail experience mainly consisted of brick-and-mortar stores, restricting consumers to operating hours and limited payment options. Today, with a connected environment and 24/7 access, consumers expect the freedom to shop where they want, when they want, and how they want. In this piece, Neil Smith (pictured below), head of sales & partnerships, Verifi, tells RetailTechNews how, alongside this newfound freedom, comes increased risk of financial exposure; and as the retail landscape evolves, so too does the [...]

  • Amazon on Hunt for Indian Deal; Kroger Fighting Back with Ocado Deal

    RetailTechNews’ weekly Amazon watch brings you some of the company’s biggest moves from the past seven days, analysing how the giant is revolutionising the retail space. In this week’s edition: Amazon on Hunt for Indian Deal; Kroger Fighting Back with Ocado Deal; and Google Will Cut Alexa’s Market Share.

    Amazon on Hunt for Indian Deal

    After failing to crack the deal with Indian e-commerce giant Flipkart, retail giant Amazon is said to be in talks with India’s largest brick-and-mortar retail company, [...]

  • Paypal Buys iZettle; Dunnhumby Acquires Aptaris

    RetailTechNews rounds up some of the biggest stories in the European retail technology space. In this week’s edition: Paypal to Acquire iZettle; Dunnhumby Buys Marketing Software Company Aptaris; and ‘Tap & Go’ in UK Stores.

    Paypal to Acquire iZettle

    The biggest deal ever for payment giant Paypal: the ex-eBay company is investing USD$2.2bn (£1.6bn) in the acquisition of Swedish mobile payment provider iZettle – a move that will see Paypal reinforce their business activities in iZettle markets such as Germany, Brazil, or [...]

  • Digital Transformation in Retail; Data Concerns for Brits

    RetailTechNews’ weekly roundup brings you up-to-date research findings from around the world. In this week’s edition: Digital Transformation in Retail; Data Concerns for Brits; and GDPR Deadline Looms.

    Digital Transformation in Retail

    Firms in the retail sector are among the most likely see a negative impact to their business if they do not embrace digital transformation in 2018 – but the sector also has the most to gain if it does, according to Alfresco Software.

    The Retail sector is the [...]

  • Now & Next: Retail M&A

    M&A in the retail space has made headlines across the globe in recent weeks, with big ticket deals involving Sainsbury’s and Asda, and Walmart and Flipkart, being finalised. But what is driving this recent surge in activity in the industry? This edition of Now & Next dives into the trends behind these deals, how the UK’s merger activity is different to the rest of the world’s, and the future for M&A in retail.

    Even though the deals mentioned above are [...]

  • Weekly Focus: In APAC, Booming E-Commerce Also Means Exploding Fraud

    This week, a study reveals that while Asia-Pacific is indeed an online shopping paradise, it also is a haven for fraudsters who have targeted 18% of consumers in the region.

    Some 71% had made online purchases and 63% used mobile payments for convenience, according to Experian’s Digital Consumer Insights 2018, which was jointly developed with research firm IDC. The study polled consumers across 10 markets in Asia-Pacific, including Singapore, Australia, China, India, and Indonesia.

    It found that in mobile-driven emerging markets, respondents [...]

  • Keeping on Top of Emerging Payment Solutions – Q&A with Klarna

    Even if cashless societies seem a little way off in the UK, we are still a country in the midst of a payments revolution. In this Q&A with RetailTechNews, Luke Griffiths (pictured below), general manager, Klarna UK, highlights what retailers need to be doing to prepare for these customer-led changes.

    RetailTechNews: How does Klarna differ from other payment solutions providers?

    Luke Griffiths: Klarna’s approach to online commerce is very different from that of traditional providers. Our overarching philosophy is to give consumers the freedom [...]

  • Greater Customer Intimacy Can Be Achieved Through Machine Learning

    Retail loyalty has been around since the 1700s, when American retailers gave customers ‘coins’ that they could redeem in-store during a future visit. These were later replaced with stamps and, at the beginning of the last century, box-top coupon cutting was introduced. Later came points, frequent flier miles, and other brand or retailer-specific programmes. In this piece, Steve Grout, director of loyalty, Collinson, explains that although the goal in loyalty has always remained the same, there has been a [...]

  • Ecrebo's David Buckingham Discusses the Future of Loyalty, Customer Engagement, and Sainsbury's and Asda

    In this edition of the RetailTechReview, David Buckingham, CEO, Ecrebo is joined by RetailTechNews’ Head of Content, Lindsay Rowntree, and Editor, Hugh Williams to discuss some of the biggest retail headlines, including the Sainsbury’s-Asda deal, as well as the role Ecrebo is playing in shaping customer loyalty for retailers. 

  • Brands Must Take Control of the Post-Purchase Experience to Build Loyalty

    Online sales are soaring in the UK. So much so, that Brits spend more online, per household, than any other country. Yet, despite the fact the first purchase made over the web was over 14 years ago, many brands still have a long way to go to provide the experience online shoppers expect. In this piece, Amit Sharma (pictured below), CEONarvar, tells RetailTechNews how the post-purchase experience can go a long way to building stronger relationships between brands and consumers. 

    Convenience is, [...]