• The Business of Voice Assistants in the Retail Sector

    In this piece, Ed Bussey, CEO and founder, Quill, tells RetailTechNews about the rapid evolution of voice assistants and advises retailers on how to adapt their online content strategies for the new world of ‘conversational commerce’.  

    The hype around voice-driven home assistants has reached a new intensity in recent months – and understandably so, given both the appetite from consumers to purchase these devices (Amazon’s Echo Dot was the best-selling item on the marketplace’s site during the [...]

  • Prime Membership Numbers Announced; USPS Could Make Amazon Suffer

    RetailTechNews’ weekly Amazon Watch brings you some of the company’s biggest moves from the past seven days, analysing how the giant is revolutionising the retail space. In this week’s edition: Prime Membership Numbers Announced; USPS Could Make Amazon Suffer; and Smart Speaker Market Booming.

    Prime Membership Numbers Announced

    Amazon Prime’s membership tops more than 100 million accounts worldwide, the company said this afternoon, revealing the number of subscribers to its fast-shipping programme for the first time.

    With a cost of USD$99bn (£70bn) [...]

  • Ikea to Focus on E-Commerce; Rewe Introduces Delivery Flat Rate

    RetailTechNews rounds up some of the biggest stories in the European retail technology space. In this week’s edition: Ikea Wants to Focus on E-Commerce; Rewe Introduces Delivery Flat Rate; und Net-a-Porter-Founder Launches Retail Investment Fund.

    Ikea Wants to Focus on E-Commerce

    Despite healthy retail sales of £30bn in 2017, Ikea is planning to shift their focus from conventional furniture retail to e-commerce. After talk of complementing their current store strategy with new city centre showrooms, the Swedish furniture retailer is now talking [...]

  • Contactless Adoption High Despite Concerns; Brands Need Clarity Around Consumer Data

    RetailTechNews’ weekly roundup brings you up-to-date research findings from around the world. In this week’s edition: Contactless Adoption High Despite Concerns; Brands Need Clarity Around Consumer Data; Smart Speaker Ownership Doubles in 6 Months.

    Contactless Adoption High Despite Concerns

    Almost half (46%) of UK shoppers are worried about security of card transactions, according to data released by Paymentsense. Despite this, 80% of Brits say card transactions, including contactless, were their favourite form of payment.

    Contactless payments are becoming more popular, with [...]

  • The Future of Personalisation: Q&A with Monetate

    Whether it’s in-store, on their laptops, or through their mobiles, consumers expect an increasingly personalised shopping experience. In this Q&A with Jens Vang Lauridsen, vice president EMEA sales, Monetate, he explains why personalisation is a necessity, whether retailers are paying it enough attention, and how innovative technology, such as voice, will change the way personalisation works.

    RetailTechNews: Why is personalisation so important for retailers?

    Jens Vang Lauridsen: Personalisation is everything to retailers now because today’s consumers demand and expect personalised [...]

  • Retail Technology Driving Change: Q&A with Sainsbury's-Argos

    M&A is a massive part of today’s retail landscape; and in the UK this hasn’t got much bigger than Sainsbury’s 2016 takeover of Argos’ parent company Home Retail Group. RetailTechNews caught up with George Goley, CTO, Sainsbury’s-Argos recently at FUTR2020, to discuss how Argos is embracing retail technology, as well as some of the biggest trends in the space.

    RetailTechNews: How has retail technology helped Argos develop into a tech-driven company?

    George Goley: In 2012, Argos was a catalogue-based [...]

  • Weekly Focus: Marketers Have More Options as Growing E-Commerce Expands SEA Digital Ecosystem

    This week, the spotlight is on marketers and the need for them to work within Southeast Asia’s expanding digital ecosystem, the growth of which is fuelled by Chinese investors and increasing use of e-commerce platforms and mobile payments.

    China’s tech giants in the past couple of years have been pumping big dollars into Southeast Asia. Specifically, Alibaba and its subsidiary Ant Financial, as well as Tencent, Didi, and JD.com last year invested more than USD$6bn (£4.33bn) in the region on mergers [...]

  • Leveraging Opportunities in a Changing Retail Landscape: Q&A with Accenture

    The pace of change in retail is continuing to gather relentless momentum. RetailTechNews spoke to John Zealley (pictured below), senior managing director and industry lead, consumer goods and services, Accentureduring FUTR2020 to outline some of the biggest changes in retail and what retailers need to be doing to leverage these opportunities.

    RetailTechNews: The consumer path to purchase is becoming increasingly digitalised. How can retailers refocus their efforts to ensure they remain relevant?

    John Zealley: The new generation of consumer is looking for [...]

  • Defining & Refining the Intelligent Customer Experience

    In this piece for RetailTechNews, Jesse Himsworth (pictured below), vice president of strategy and integrated solutions, Clearlink, discusses why instead of treating online and offline as two totally separate experiences, businesses need to think about them as one continuous experience. Right now, the person who pays for the fragmented and disconnected customer journey is the customer – and your company could lose business because of it.

    When most companies think about a customer’s experience with a call centre, there’s [...]

  • The Changing Face of the Retail Experience

    There are very few areas of retail that are not feeling the force of changes in technological habits from consumers. In this piece exclusively for RetailTechNews, Philip Briffett, senior director of partnerships at VoucherCodes, outlines the technologies that are driving this change and explains why mobile must be considered as a key element of every single stage of the shopping journey.

    Ten years ago, many would have baulked at booking a holiday anywhere other than at their local travel agent [...]